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Beverages – Coffee, Tea, Smoothies, Gelato Drinks & More


Coffee and Espresso Beverages

Brewed Coffee

100% arabica, fair trade and organic

Cold Brew Coffee

100% arabica, fair trade and organic cold brewed for 24 hours

Café au Lait

coffee with steamed milk


espresso with hot water


espresso with steamed milk and frothed milk

Café Latte

espresso with steamed milk and a little froth

Café Mocha

espresso and steamed milk with cocoa

Caramel Macchiato

espresso and steamed milk with caramel and vanilla

Flavored Latte

your favorite flavor paired with espresso with steamed milk and a little froth


espresso with steamed half and half


single or double shots, straight up

Espresso Macchiato

single or double shot of espresso marked with steamed milk and froth

Espresso Con Panna

single or double shot of espresso pulled over whipped cream

Non-dairy milk options: almond, coconut & soy



Tea & Alternative Beverages

Rishi and Urbal Teas - Hot or Iced

black, green and herbal teas...we have a nice selection, served hot or iced

Chai Charger

chai latte with an espresso kick

Chai Latte

Oregon chai and milk united - steamed or iced

London Fog

Earl Grey tea steeped in vanilla steamed milk

Hot Cocoa

cocoa powder steamed in milk, with or without whipped cream

Flavored Steamer

steamed milk with your favorite flavor

Italian Soda

what's your flavor? handmade sodas

Italian Cream Soda

your favorite soda with a touch of cream

Lemonade (Seasonal)

sweet and tangy and oh so thirst quenching

Spiced Cider (Seasonal)

cider spiced for the season

Caramel Cider (Seasonal)

caramel paired with spiced cider

Bottled Juice

apple or orange juice

Guayakì Organic Yerba Mate

ask about our selection today


Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist, Diet Sierra Mist and Dr. Pepper

Bottled Water

bottled spring water



Blended Beverages, Smoothies and Gelato Drinks


the blended version of your favorite latte

Chai Frappe

a blended chai...cold and creamy


gelato meet milk


espresso and gelato blended with milk


one or two espresso shots over gelato


what's your favorite flavor?


real fruit smoothie mix and milk

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